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I currently work at Yousician as a hands-on Application Architect and Team Lead.
I'm currently not actively looking for a new job, but here's my LinkedIn page, in case you are interested anyway.

I mostly code in C# and C++ at work, and these days don't do much coding outside of work. When I do code on my free time, I usually play around with functional programming (mostly with Haskell), study high performance tools like Rust, or DSP related stuff like Faust. You can find some of my past projects and open-source contributions on my GitHub page.

Outside of tech, my interest include music (producing, listening, playing bass and guitar), investing, and intermittently coffee and bicycles.

My Twitter handle is @SakariBergen.

This page mostly exists because I want to hold on to my domain name, and feel like I need to have something here :)